Business Accounts

Attention All

  • Builders
  • Restaurants & Diners
  • Hotels & Motels
  • Hospitals
  • Condominiums
  • Offices
  • Apartment complexes
  • Landlord/Tenant properties
  • Property Management Companies
  • Schools & Universities
  • Senior Managed-Care Facilities

We work with realty companies large and small as well as individual owners and landlords. Setting up an account is simple, call our office or email your info over. We will explain our costs and procedures upfront.  Our Goal is to provide fast service to your tenants and keeping your costs down.



Benefits of a Business Account

We can provide your appliance repairs in a professional and timely manner. Additional benefits include:

  •   Discounted Service Call Charge - Lower your maintenance and repair expenditures
  •   Reduced Rates - We know rental maintenance costs can add up quick depending on tenants. Our typical new accounts save over $50 -$75 per call switching to us from Sears and Factory Direct Services.  These companies will charge you rates as if your a one time customer.  We value you repeat business.
  •   Personal Service - Our technician will become familiar with your properties and appliances thus improving efficiency and reducing repair times in turn saving your money.
  •   Fully Stocked Vans - We carry all the tools and parts to handle most situations.
  •   Convenient Appointments - Our technicians can meet your tenants, maintenance staff at the residence or pickup keys from your office.
  •   Simple Billing - We can drop-off the invoice or send out a bill once service is completed.
  •   Flexible payment - We can setup a billing account (Net 30) and also accept Visa, Mastercard or Checks.


“…As a property management company we use  Willie at AAA a lot.  He is our most reliable appliance technician.  I have been using Willie for over a year, and he is the only person I call when an appliance in one of our 200+ homes goes awry.  He is prompt, reliable, affordable, and brilliant in his field.  I would recommend him to any one…”

Sovereign Management

  • Atlanta, GA