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AAA Appliance Service And Repair gives you a few valuable tips on how to care for your microwave, so that you can prevent it from breaking and enjoy a fully functional microwave oven for a long time.

1. Get professional services for the repair of electronic parts

First of all, replacing or repairing electronic parts within a microwave can be dangerous, because the appliance stores thousands of volts of electricity in its high voltage capacitor, even though it’s smaller than most home appliances. This means that the microwave has more electrical power than 30 wall outlets together, which is why it is important to leave professional technicians handle any repair. Secondly, appliance repair experts will be able to properly diagnose the problem and recommend the best course of action, as sometimes a new unit will cost the same as replacement parts.

2. Change the common parts frequently

Some problems are common when it comes to microwave ovens and you can solve them by choosing to replace common parts more often, such as light bulbs, turntables, charcoal filters and so on. A little bit of touch-up paint can also help.

3. Properly clean the microwave

It is important to keep the inside of your microwave properly cleaned, because splatters and food parts may cause burns by absorbing energy. You should use a special microwave oven cleaner to be sure you don’t cause further damage. The stainless steel interiors are easiest to clean, so keep that in mind the next time you are looking for a microwave.

4. Don’t run the microwave empty and use the preset times

Don’t run your microwave oven without food, for the use of its timer or anything else, because this can cause serious damage to the appliance. Since there is nothing to absorb the energy, it will bounce inside the oven and cause it to overheat. The repair service in this case will be complex and very expensive. Also, it is wise to use the preset cooking times, as the microwave will heat liquid or food much more efficiently, conserving energy.

5. Use proper dishware

When you want to heat food in the microwave, pay attention to the dishware you are using, as many types of plates and dishes are not safe to be used inside the microwave, such as glass products, plates with silver or gold plating. Moreover, never put aluminium foil inside the microwave, because this tends to get hotter than the food, absorbing energy and damaging the appliance.

6. Don’t slam the door

The microwave door needs to be properly closed before using it, but that doesn’t mean slamming the door, as it can damage the latch mechanisms. Generally, these mechanisms have three different switched that close in a specific order and if the order is changed, this may lead to internal fuse.

7. Prevent damage from surge

Storms with lightning can cause surges or voltage spikes, as can any other power fluctuations, so you should plug your appliance into a surge suppressor. This will protect your microwave’s circuitry from damage.

8. Don’t heat water in the microwave

It is advisable to use a stove top kettle for the heating of water and not the microwave, because water can exceed the boiling temperature inside the microwave, even though it may not appear so. Consequently, the container can burst violently and cause burns.

There are several issues and problems that may appear when using a microwave, from a blown line fuse to a defective magnetron tube, which is why it is important for users to call in professional repairmen when the microwave shows signs of damage or improper running. AAA Appliance Service And Repair has vast experience in servicing and repairing microwaves, so be sure to contact us whatever your problems or needs may be.

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