Garbage disposal

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The garbage disposer is a very common appliance and most households have one in the kitchen. It is very useful, but it also needs proper care and cautious handling. AAA Appliance Service And Repair has vast experience in servicing garbage disposers and can also help you maintain yours in a proper shape. Below, you will be able to find a couple of essential tips on how to take care of your garbage disposal.

1. Run plenty water

It is advisable to always run cold water when you are using the garbage disposer. It is also good to leave the water running for a few seconds after you’ve stopped using the disposer.

2. Give the stopper and the splashguard regular cleans

Plenty of bacteria get sheltered in the splashguard and stopper of the garbage disposer, which is why you should properly clean them. There are several disposer models that allow users to remove the splashguard, in order to clean it manually.  If you want to get rid of bacteria completely, you should soak the stopper and the splashguard in vinegar or in bleach for about 20 minutes, then rinse them thoroughly before putting them back. If bad odor still persists, you should replace the parts.

3. Deodorize the disposer frequently

Even though cleaning the splashguard and stopper should get rid of some of the smell too, it is also advisable to periodically deodorize the disposer, by using ice cubes and lemon pieces. It will keep the appliance smelling fresh most of the times. If that doesn’t work, you can pour a solution made of one gallon of water and half a cup of bleach down the disposer.

4. Don’t overload the disposer

The garbage disposal shouldn’t have to process too much food at one time, so don’t overload it. You should take extra care with foods that are too heavy or fibrous, such as potato peels or corn husks, as these can clog the drain more easily.

5. Keep the “blades” sharp

Ice cubes can help you “sharpen the blades” in the sense that they remove food from the interior of the disposer, but other than that there is no other way you can actually sharpen the garbage disposer’s blades. In time, you may notice that the disposer isn’t running properly anymore, so you will have to replace it.

Safety is essential when you are operating your garbage disposer. Never put your hands inside and make sure you call professional repair technicians if you notice any sign of damage or improper operation. Garbage disposers can handle a variety of items, whether you have a septic tank or a city sewer, from fruit and vegetable pits and peels to soft bones, soft food particles, ice cubes and coffee grounds. However, you should not use it for highly fibrous foods like dry onion peels.

AAA Appliance Service And Repair provides you with professional and reliable service for your garbage disposer so call 404-867-5481 now to setup an appointment with our pro technician!


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