Ice Makers

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Here are the most common malfunctions reported by icemaker users, their causes and tips for what you should do if the icemaker doesn’t work.

First of all, clogging is a very common problem with icemakers, so if you’ve noticed that the appliance stopped working, you should try replacing the old water filter with a new one. Also, make sure the switch is turned on, because it is not uncommon for people to turn them off by accident.

Secondly, some icemaker malfunctions are caused by improper temperatures. A minimum of ten degrees F is necessary for the appliance to work properly. If the temperature gets any hire, this could indicate a problem with the cooling fan or the condenser coil. Another common cause, that can be found especially in older generation icemakers, are obsolete ice level control boards. In normal conditions, they stop the ice-maker from producing ice once it has reached the maximum level and turns it on again when needed. If the sensor of the control board malfunctions, the appliance will not make ice, even if the other components are functional.

The water inlet valve is an essential icemaker component. Older designs usually have a two-coil valve, which, when defective, stops the freezing process completely. Check whether the valve is disconnected or affected by debris and if you do not notice these problems, it means that it should be replaced.

Water pressure is another reason why your ice-maker no longer works. For best results, it’s recommended to have an optimal pressure of 20 psi for the water to freeze and if the pressure gets too low, this could indicate a mechanical problem. Also, there are many cases when the components of the ice-maker are fully functional, but the appliance doesn’t deliver excellent performance because it is kept in the wrong conditions. Make sure you store and use the appliance in accordance to the official user manual. If you want to check whether all the icemaker components are working or not, don’t forget to you disconnect the appliance from the power source. If you notice a malfunction of any kind, contact AAA Appliance Service And Repair at 404-867-5481 to schedule service appointment.


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