Washing Machines

Washing Machines

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AAA Appliance Service And Repair provides highly professional and qualified washer repairs in Atlanta and several counties in Georgia, so if you experience any problem with your washing machine, don’t hesitate to call us! Our expert technicians have vast experience in repairing and servicing all major brands and models of washing machines and can help you enjoy your appliance for a longer time. We also help you take proper care of your washer, so be sure to read the tips and guidelines below.

1. Keep you washer leveled

When you are installing your washing machine, you need to make sure that it is properly leveled and that it remains so throughout time. The best thing would be to position the washer as close to the floor as you possibly can. If the washing machine is not leveled properly, it will vibrate and rock back and forth, which is not normal and may cause damage over time.

2. Check the hoses periodically

The water hoses from your washing machine may have cracks or blistering, in which case they might cause a burst or leak and eventually a flood in your house. For that reason, you should inspect the hoses regularly for signs of wear and tear and replace them if you notice any damage. The best hoses to use would be the stainless steel ones.

3. Keep the inside of the washer clean

It is important to maintain the inside of your washing machine properly cleaned, because detergent residue commonly builds up inside the tub. You can use a special cleaner once a month to make sure that there is no odor causing residue inside your washing machine. To that extent, it is also important to use the appropriate quantities of detergent, in order to prevent the residue from forming.

4. Don’t overload your washing machine

Although you may think that stuffing more clothes in your washer will save you time and energy, it will in fact damage your washing machine, because this will throw it off balance and lead to further problems. Stick to the instructions in the owner’s manual.

5. Prevent rusting

It may be very important to keep the inside of your washing machine properly cleaned, but it also wise to take care of the outside as well. You can use a special cleaner to polish the outside and remove stains or spills and you can also prevent rusting by using touch up paint to take care of scrapes and gashes immediately.

Washing machines are complex appliances and they have specific circuitry and control panels, which is why you shouldn’t try to do any repairs on your own. If anything’s wrong with your washer, call AAA Appliance Service and Repair and we will be more than happy to help.


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